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Product is manufactured with the addition of an extender or blend of extenders (fly-ash, blastfurnace slag and limestone). The mineral constituents are carefully selected and the composition optimised to produce an excellent road-stabilisation cement.

Handling & Safety

MSDS Cementitious Materials Safety

Data Sheet

PPC SUREROAD Datasheet 2020



PPC SUREROAD 32,5 cement has been performance engineered to improve the engineering properties of soil by: 

  • Reducing the plasticity index (PI); 
  • Improving the Unconfined Compressive Strength (UCS) and Indirect Tensile Strength (ITS) of the host materials; 
  • Enhancing durability and achieving superior performance with most road materials. 

Performance testing shows excellent performance with soil classes G5 and G6, and for road strength classes C3 and C4.  
To determine the optimum cement type and cement addition rate with site-specific soils, the UCS (MPa) and ITS (MPa) should be tested for a range of cement addition rates. 


SUREROAD is manufactured to conform to SANS 50197-1 for Common Cements, in the 32,5 N strength class and is available as a CEM II Portland-composite cement, extended with siliceous fly ash (V), blastfurnace slag, (S) and/or limestone (L). 


Storage of Bagged Cement 

  • Cement should be stored in a weather proof shed or container 
  • It should be closely packed, away from doors and windows 
  • It should be packed off the floor, and on plastic 
  • It should be covered with a plastic sheet or tarpaulin 
  • It should be stored so as to ensure "first in - first out" use 


  • Do not stack bags more than 12 units high 
  • Do not stack more than two pallets high 
  • Pick up bags correctly to avoid injury 
  • Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing. Cement and cement paste are highly alkaline and chemical burns may occur 

For more advice on cement contact PPC on 08000 236 368- SA only. 


50kg Polypropylene bags Bulk Bags

For transportation by road or rail: 

  • Unitised 40 bags (2 tons) per unit 
  • Unitised on a pallet 40 bags (2 tons) per unit 
  • Unitised on a pallet and covered with plastic hood. 40 bags (2 tons) per unit. 

Please note: the hood is shower-proof NOT waterproof  
For transportation by the sea: 

  • Sling bags 40 x 50kg bags in 2-ton sling bag 
  • Containers: 50kg bags packed loose or in sling bags or on a pallet in standard shipping containers 

For transportation by road or rail: 

  • Bulk cement in road or rail tankers is not recommended as the high transportation cost does not make this viable 

For transportation by the sea: 

  • Bulk cement in 1,5 ton bulk bags as break-bulk or packed in shipping containers 


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