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Integrated Report 2018

Strength Beyond

In achieving our growth strategy within Africa, PPC acquired a 51% equity stake in CIMERWA Limited during 2013. The plant is located in the south west region of Rwanda and is the only domestic producer in the region.

As an integrated cement business, CIMERWA has been operating since 1984 and plans to better understand and service the Rwandan, Burundian and the DRC’s cement requirements. The plant is located where there is a natural existence of high quality limestone and spring water, which is used in the cement process.

Rwanda as a whole will benefit greatly as a result of CIMERWA, as there will be a reduced reliance on imported cement, which will advance the quality of low cost housing and the creation of local jobs. CIMERWA had over the years established strong partnerships with key stakeholders in the country, including the local community, leaders and staff. CIMERWA has recently assisted the community in Bugarama to set up a carpentry workshop, knitting kit club, a tailoring group and actively supports the local traditional dance troupe. In addition, the carpentry project is ready to supply the Rusizi district and its environs with ready-made furniture.

These projects complement other long running CIMERWA Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives including a medical clinic, nursery and primary school. CIMERWA also supplies fresh piped water to a nearby community. CIMERWA expects to deepen its corporate social responsibility programs and partner with its strategic investor PPC Ltd of Southern Africa, to deliver technical expertise and ensure that the local construction sector benefits from its deep insight and experience.

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The company has an installed capacity of 100,000 tons per year and supplies a domestic market with a current demand of 270,000 tons per year and an estimated regional market requiring 400,000 tons per year.

In response to the fast growing demand for cement in the region, CIMERWA is investing in a new 600 000 tons per annum cement plant equipped with the latest technology.

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